Dear Indian Mountain neighbor,

We want to start by saying we’re glad you’re a part of our community! Indian Mountain is a very special place, and we know people have become property owners here for a variety of reasons. Full time, part time, camping and investment properties are just a few of the many reasons people have joined the Indian Mountain community. The Indian Mountain Property Owner’s Association (IMPOA) respects every property owner’s right to enjoy their property as they see fit. With freedom also comes the responsibility to foster mutual respect and care for our neighbors. We all want to exercise our freedom and ensuring one owner’s freedom is not impinging on any others. Indian Mountain is a blend of full time and part time residents as well as short term rental guests and campers. We must work together to ensure we all feel respect, and all our safety and security needs are met. This is going to take a little effort and greater self and neighbor awareness.

We at IMPOA want to ensure that you, your guests, and your neighbors have the best possible experience while on Indian Mountain, and to do so, we all need to be mindful of regulations and boundaries. With the growth we’ve seen, Park County has enacted several county wide rules and regulations to ensure the safety and security of all its residence and visitors. For all of us to enjoy our time here without causing friction with neighbors, we want to insure everyone on the mountain is us up to speed with a few of the county regulations. We all must care about each other to make this blended community is a success!

To support this effort, IMPOA asks that you provide a community information sheet for your guests to be aware of local rules, regulations, and some safety tips that they may not be familiar with. We also ask that if you advertise your property for short term rental, you post a summary of any pertinent rules and regulations as written below:

Private Property: Indian Mountain sits among some tremendous state and national parks with lots of hiking, fishing, ATVing and nature to experience. Please be mindful that most of the property in the immediate vicinity is privately owned. Please ensure your guests respect your neighbors and remind them to that there is plenty of public land a short distance away to explore and experience.

Campfires: Outdoor fires are prohibited on short term rental property throughout Park County. Propane stoves and grills are allowed. Park County is quite dry and subject to wildfires. County residents are required to have a burn permit for outdoor fires. Even when property owners hold a burn permit, guests are not permitted to have fires without the permit holder present. The reasons for this are simple. Guests most likely are not aware of current fire bans or restrictions and do not have the means to call and activate a permit or know to even check on burn bans in the area. The number one cause of forest fires in Park County is unattended campfires. The fire department keeps close tabs on the area and will ticket residents and/or property owners for unauthorized fires. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Jefferson-Como Fire Protection District at (719)-836-2082.

Shooting: County regulations require any shooting in the county be conducted in a safe manner. The best option is to direct your guests to the public shooting range that is just off Elkhorn Road as you head towards Como. It’s usually open unless it’s been overcome by snow, or a fire ban is in place. Property owners are asked to call the sheriff’s office if they’re concerned about shooting in the community. The sheriff’s office takes this matter seriously and has stated they will respond to all calls concerning shooting in Indian Mountain and surrounding residential communities. If there are any questions, please call the Park County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line at (719)-836-4121 Option 5 for assistance. If there is an emergency, don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1.

Community Amenities: Use of IMMD owned community amenities such as the comfort station, dump station, etc are limited to property owners only. Paying guests are not authorized to use IMMD amenities due to maintenance costs and upkeep requirements, paid for by Indian Mountain property owners. ATV: Riding ATVs or other unlicensed vehicles on county roads is prohibited. All access and neighborhood streets in Indian Mountain are county roads. Again, there are national parks nearby where riding is authorized.

Light Pollution: One of the magic experiences in Indian Mountain is star gazing. Unwanted outside lights can negatively impact that experience and that’s why Park County implemented lighting regulations. Please ensure outside lights comply with county regulations. It is recommended that all outside lights be off at night and use motion sensor activation whenever possible. In this rural community, lights at night can attract unwanted attention, rather than deterring it. One good strategy when you are away is to use motion sensor activated lights and coordinate with your neighbors to contact authorities when they see unusual human activity on your property.

Hazardous Waste: Please dispose of all hazardous and human waste properly using dump facilities, portable facilities, or dump tanks. The surrounding properties are owned by our neighbors and we want to show them respect by not using their property as a restroom.

Trash: Please ensure all trash is cleaned up and properly secured in Bear-proof containers. Leaving unsecured garbage outside draws in animals in search of food and creates bad habits that can end up getting the animal euthanized. If you and your guests are camping on your property, please remember to pack out what you pack in to prevent wind spreading trash throughout the community.

Leash Laws: Please ensure pets are kept on leash and not allowed to chase the wildlife or roam on neighbor’s private property. This can be dangerous for the wildlife and your pets.

Hydration: Some other items your guests might need to know include staying hydrated and the potential for altitude sickness. Local EMS utilization has seen a 25% increase in calls directly related to Short Term Rental, mostly pertaining to dehydration and altitude sickness.

Road Conditions: Wintertime guests should be advised to use AWD or 4WD vehicles AND to avoid sliding off the road, drive slowly. Towing support is minimal and can take hours to respond as most roads are not plowed during the winter and will ice quickly. We recommend that everyone traveling to/from Indian Mountain pack extra water, food, and blankets in their vehicle just in case of emergency, it could be a while before help arrives in the snowy months.

Indian Mountain is our home and community, and as the population and activities grow, we need to work together to keep the neighborhood free, safe, and respectful for all of us. IMPOA does not enforce county regulations or state laws, however, we are working with the Park County Board of County Commissioners on reporting and enforcement related initiatives for all matters that affect Indian Mountain. It is important that we recognize the growth in our community, and we be a part of the solution to keeping Indian Mountain safe and secure for everyone. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to address the board at one of the monthly meetings, held the second Saturday of every month at 9:00am (IMMD) and 10:30am (IMPOA) in the Community Center. Or feel free to contact us directly at

Sincerely, IMPOA