Building in Indian Mountain


General Hints

For those contemplating building in the Indian Mountain subdivision, a summary of the permitting procedures may be obtained by contacting the Park County Building Department ( or 719-836-4255) in Fairplay. Meanwhile, the following summary of the procedure to obtain the several required permits may be helpful.
Obtain a driveway cut permit from Park County Environmental Health Department (719-836-4267).
Obtain a building permit application and submit it with the required building plans, proof of property ownership, drawing of the Lot showing location of proposed structure, etc. to Park County Building Department (719-836-4255) for approval. A building permit is required to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, improve, remove, convert or demolish any building or structure in Park County. A building permit for new construction is valid for three years, is renewable and its cost depends on the building size and type.
Obtain a permit for a septic system from Park County Environmental Health Department (719-836-4267). Early consultation with a licensed septic system installer is advisable because of the modern engineering rules enforced by the County. Indian Mountain, with its abundance of shallow bedrock, presents interesting, but surmountable design issues for septic systems.
Obtain a well permit from the State of Colorado Division of Water Resources. The Department is located at 1313 Sherman Street, Denver, CO 80203. Your well driller normally will obtain this permit.
A Certificate of Occupancy (CO) must be obtained from the Building Department before your completed residence may be occupied. Inspections of the structure, and electrical, water, waste disposal systems, driveway, and other features of the construction project must be passed before the CO is issued.
Owners should be particularly mindful of Park County Regulations concerning the construction of storage buildings (sheds) on their property. Any shed constructed without a building permit on an undeveloped lot in Indian Mountain is a violation of Park County regulations unless it is in support of ongoing and permitted construction of a residence. A few sheds in Indian mountain were erected before this regulation went into effect. The County has grandfathered them.

Building Permits

All construction in Indian Mountain requires one or more permits. Building codes, permits and inspections for new homes and other construction in Indian Mountain are handled by Park County and State officials. For information, phone numbers, and offices go to or call 719-836-2771. Be sure to get a copy of the Park County Building Permit Guide and read the Indian Mountain covenants provided under the Governance portion of this website.

Following is a list of permits and their source. Your contractor(s) typically obtain these permits for you.
Driveways – Park County Environmental Health 719/836-4267
Buildings (all structures) – Park County Building Dept. 719/836-4255
Septic Systems – Park County Environmental Health 719/836-4267
Water Wells – Colorado Division of Water Resources 303/866-3587
Electrical – Colorado Dept of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Electrical Permits Online
Plumbing – Colorado DORA, Plumbing Online Permits 303/894-2985