Burn Permits

All burning in Indian Mountain, other than gas barbeque grills, require a yearly burn permit AND a registered indication to burn within a 24 hour burning period. You may obtain a burn permit from the Jefferson Como Fire Station #5 on Elkhorn Road or complete the online application through the link to the right. Once you have paid for your yearly permit, you must indicate the burn before it occurs. The indication is to avoid unnecessary dispatch of emergency equipment. You can indicate burning before starting to burn by calling (833) 935-1189. When there is a fire ban posted at the fire station or in the newspaper, you may not burn even though you have a permit.

Although burn permits are a legal way to burn in the open, burning of forest slash in our wildland urban interface is not encouraged by IMPOA. Erratic winds and our normally dry conditions can easily lead to a loss of control of a fire. Alternatives to burning forest slash include chipping on site and using the IMMD burn pit. Alternatives to burning trash are the annual Dumpster Days sponsored by IMPOA, the Fairplay Dump Station, and contract waste removal. (NOTE: Park County has made burning of household trash illegal.) A local supplier of trash removal is Mountain View Waste (303-838-0560) for approximately $150/qtr. Pick-up is on alternating Tuesdays depending on where you live.

To summarize, if you want to have an open-air fire (bonfire, fire pit etc.), you need both a yearly permit and a registered indication. If you are having a gas barbecue, a permit is not required.  Here are instructions to register on-line with JCFPD for your Burn Permit

Once you’ve purchased a yearly permit, you need to call 1-833-935-1189 when you want to burn.  A registered indication for a burn is valid for a 24 hour period.  This number will also inform on whether or not a burn ban is in effect.
Any fire in the open should have a nearby water supply (even if it’s just a big bucket full) and a shovel for containing a fire that spreads to the grass if the wind whips up.

Apply for a Permit