Dear Fellow Indian Mountaineers:


As more folks move into the area, the full-timers report that they see more and more dogs running loose and dogs barking all the time, sometimes late into the night. They sometimes can't sleep with their windows open in the summer if they want a good night's sleep.


These owners report that it is really difficult, but not impossible, to get Park County Animal Control (719-836-4380) to take action. Sometimes simply talking to the owner of the unmanaged pets will get the problem taken care of. Sometimes it takes a formal complaint to the animal control officer in Fairplay to get action.


To confront another neighbor about their behavior is tricky business. One never knows how the owner will react. That is why the animal control officer may be the best route to take if you and a neighbor have not established friendly relations.


Some of our owners need to reconsider how many animals it is realistic to house in Indian Mountain. And they need to put themselves in the moccasins of their neighbors and ask if they can do more to control their animals and reduce their impact on those neighbors.


Let's keep it friendly out their folks, but lets keep those dogs under control.


Thank you kindly.

IMPOA Board of Directors